Social Policy Worldwide is a forum for information, exchange, and public debate on social policyinequalities, and social cohesion. We seek to foster global conversations and inter-regional dialogue among researchers, practitioners, and audiences interested in social issues.

The blog seeks to position the views of international social policy and social inequality experts in public debate on current debates and pressing social issues across countries and world regions. We publish originalengaging short essays that showcase new research or findings, reflect on contemporary debates, and introduce critical analyses of pressing social issues. We also conduct interviews with researchers and practitioners to draw on their expertise and personal experiences investigating, co-deciding and implementing social reform in diverse global contexts.

If you are interested in submitting a piece or have an inquiry, please refer to the Contribute section. We welcome articles that focus on one country or area, or that draw comparisons across countries and regions, from anywhere in the globe.

Who are we?

Social Policy Worldwide is a communication and dissemination service hosted by SOCIUM Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy, University of Bremen.

The editorial office is led by Dr. Melisa Ross and Prof. Dr. Frank Nullmeier and based in Bremen, Germany. Read more below under Imprint.